It was allowed to establish a Commodity Exchange in our town based on orders of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Trading General Management’s dated 01.02.1998 and numbered 6118 and based on TOBB’s rules dated 21.12.1987 and numbered 45715.

Member election was made in 08.03.1992, our elections finished by announcing in the town and townships.

Salim EVCİ served as the first chairman of the Management Board, and Şükrü GÜNHAN served as the first chairman of the Council.

Our commodity started its first studies in a small room in the downstairs of Chamber Of Commerce.

As time progressed,it was continued to serve our member in a flat for loan and in a store for loan in Wheat Bazaar.In the year 1998, in the results of studies of our Management Board the 5 storey building that we are using as a corporate office right now is restored, and Commodity Exchange has transferred here in 2000.

In Whear Bazzar, a building which belongs to the Municipality hired to use as a saleroom,it was shaped today’s appearance in consequense of enlargement studies.

A labaratory was constructed in the same building, and it was served to our members and consumers.

In 2007,in the area of Wheat Bazzar, a land was bought in the name of our Commodity Exchange, and a Electronic Vehicle Weithbridge which could carry to the 80 tons was constructed and opened to serve.

Also, service quality and member satisfaction was highlighted by establishing agencies in our townships especially in Şarkışla, Gürün and Suşehri.

Some adjustments have been made in our corporate office to serve more quality service.In the results of this works, a conference hall has been added to our Commodity.Our commodity is composed of 4 occupational group.

1- Cereals and Cereals Goods
2- Wholesail and Retail Items
3- Wet and Dry Fruits
4- Butchery and Livestock Trades

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